Window film for business

1st Call Glass Care installs window films for businesses across the UK, this is what our Company was designed and structured for, we enjoy undertaking large commercial projects and construction site work. 

 Rest assured whether you are a glazing contractor outsourcing work to 1st Call Glass Care or the end user coming direct the contract will be in safe hands and we will alleviate the pressures involved in bringing your project to a successfull close.  On time, within budget, everytime!

Window film has a variety of benefits and applications these include.

  • Insulation window film
  • Decorative window film
  • Safety window film
  • Solar window film
  • Privacy window film
  • Security window film
  • Frosted window film
  • Reflective window film

1st Call Glass Care are approved window film installers for Llumar and CP films.

Our fully trained staff are well positioned to provide advice and guidance on the type of window film to meet your requirements and can fully manage the specification, supply and installation of your window film.

Window film has many applications including cutting out glare, meeting Health & Safety Executive standards, reducing fading, improving security, gaining privacy, cutting out UV or simply to improving the look of your business property.  Whatever problem you have with glass or windows - we have a window film to help and will be pleased to discuss your needs with you.

The Building Act And Regulations 

Part N - Glazing Materials And Protection
There are four main aspects to this part:
(1) Glazing in critical locations where people might collide with the glass should either be robust enough not to break or be constructed of safety glass or be provided with suitable guarding;
(2) Large sheets of glazing need to be made obvious so that people do not collide with the glazing.
(3) Where non-dwelling windows, skylights and ventilators are to be openable by people controls and/or limiters are to be provided to ensure safe operation and prevent persons falling through a window.
(4) Safe access for cleaning both sides of non-dwelling windows, skylights etc over 2.0m above ground is to be made.

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