Solar Control Films Solar overheating and glare can increase air conditioning costs and cause discomfort to building occupants.

Window film provides a solution to these problems:

Reject un-wanted solar heat gain

Reduce un-wanted solar heat gain

Block damaging ultraviolet rays

Provide privacy

Improve visual appearance

Reduce uncomfortable glare

Reduce fading of textiles and furnishings

Solar control window film is a cost effective solution. Manufactured from low haze, optically clear polyester in a range of different colours and constructions.

Warranted for up to 10 years depending on film type with a real life expectancy far exceeding this.

All internal films have a patented scratch resistant coating which ensures low maintenance and durability.

Suitable for application to residential and commercial properties; conservatorys, offices, housing, shop fronts, whatever the building or the problem a suitable film is available.

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