Window Film Questions and Answers 

What is window film?

To put it simply window film is a high quality product made up of several different layers of polyester deep dyed with a tint or to impregnate with UV protection.  A lot of research has gone into its development.

Why would I want film?

Many different reasons, security, privacy, solar control, safety, glare or maybe just to look good!

Does it take long to install?

 Obviously this depends on the size of the project - a few hours to a few weeks!

Is it only for commercial properties?

 No it can be applied to residential properties equally successfully.

Can it be fitted onto glass roofs?

 Yes and is greatly beneficial in cutting out heat and glare.

Will I be able to see through the film?

 Yes no problem, unless of course you want a privacy film in which case you will be able to see out but not see in .

Is it true that film is more affordable than blinds?

Potentially yes, in most cases we have found window film to be better value for money.