Conservatories fitted with polycarbonate roofs can only be fitted with certain types of film.  The film we reccommend and use is Llumar SunBlocker.

What does it do?

  • It rejects as much as 79% of the incoming sun's energy
  • It reduces solar glare by 83% so you can see better
  • It blocks 99% of the harmful UV rays which cause fading
  • It can reduce internal temperatures by as much as 15 degrees C

Llumar SunBlocker is made from an advanced translucent PVC material and is easy to clean and requires no maintenance.

It is a tinted film and will subtly transform the comfort of your conservatory. 

1st Call Glass Care can fit sunblocker film to properties in Norwich & Norfolk

SunBlocker film must be installed by fully trained and competent professionals, this is not a job to be undertaken by the inexperienced.


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